Pettigru Counseling Associates

Larry Clanton, Ph.D.

Larry Clanton is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist who believes in working collaboratively with clients to attain their goals for therapy. He enjoys working with adults in individual therapy, marital therapy, and group therapy. He specializes in the treatment of adults with depression, anxiety and/or relationship issues using cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema therapy, behavioral therapy, marital therapy, and assertiveness. In collaboration with clients, he uses homework assignments between sessions to help each person apply the tools and strategies in their daily lives.

Dr. Clanton leads women's groups in which participants learn strategies and tools for overcoming issues from their chldhood that contribute to their relationship problems, depression, and anxiety. The groups help participants to recognize that they are not alone in their issues and that change is possible with application of new tools and strategies.

He also leads groups on a variety of topics such as assertiveness, anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence, behavioral parenting skills, social skills, and marital tools. He offers consultation with clients who are having work-related problems.

Dr. Clanton holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia, a MSW from the University of Louisville, and a M.Div. with a Social Work Major from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.